Executive Chef
James Brownsmith

James Brownsmith, the son of a baker, has spent his whole life surrounded by good food. The foundation of his love for cooking began when he was just seven years old. James recalls "doing his part" at home by preparing simple meals and the satisfaction he feels in seeing people enjoy his cooking has only grown from there.

Chef Brownsmith graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York before setting out on a worldwide journey to hone his skills and master different types of cuisine. He has worked all around the United States and Europe in every capacity of the restaurant industry including stints as a cook, bartender, sommelier and hotel food and beverage manager. He then spent time staging at restaurants throughout the West Coast, including Seattle's famous Canlis Restaurant, before finding his way to San Francisco, a culinary hot spot for a talented, up and coming chef. The most pivotal point in his rising career has been his move to the kitchen of Alexander's Steakhouse, San Francisco under the tutelage of Executive Chef Marc Zimmerman. In this environment, James transformed from a restaurant industry vagabond into an academic of cuisine and cookery.

Chef Brownsmith is now the Executive Chef of Alexander's Steakhouse Taipei, Taiwan and Alexander's Steakhouse Tokyo, Japan. He, along with his dedicated team, creates an amazing menu by combining the pure flavors of Japanese cuisine with the creative and substantial techniques of the traditional American steakhouse. He aspires to pay homage to his new home by sourcing an abundance of fresh, local ingredients to showcase throughout the menu.

Executive Chef
Marc Zimmerman

San Francisco Chef Marc Zimmerman realized his culinary calling from the age of fourteen, spending his next ten years working in multiple kitchens under the direction of several executive chefs before attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York where he further developed his mastery of the culinary arts. He spent much of his early career in Las Vegas, working under such world-renown chefs as Nobu Matsuhisa and Takashi Yagihashi, where he developed an appreciation for the subtle harmony of Japanese cuisine. As a member of the opening team for Guy Savoy's two-star Michelin restaurant, he was able to refine the intricacies of haute French technique. Marc then took a position at the high-profile spot, Social House, under Executive Chef Joseph Elevado which then led to his own first Executive Chef appointment at Company American Bistro.

Chef Zimmerman moved to Northern California in 2010 to assist in the opening of Alexander's Steakhouse, San Francisco. Today, as Executive Chef, Marc helms the unique culinary experience for which Alexander's has become famous. The restaurant has recently been named "New and Notable" by Wine and Spirits Magazine and "Top Ten Steakhouses in America" by Gadot. Marc's culinary philosophy is rooted in seeking out the highest-quality, most luxurious ingredients in the world and presenting them with a creativity that defies imagination.